Best Customer Experience in a long time! And it was at my Dentist

I recently had to visit my dentist as there was a small hole beginning to appear in of my teeth. So, yep a filling was needed, the thought makes a lot of us go weak at the knees and the colour drain from our faces.

My visit to Vital Dental Spa in Monifieth, was an absolute first class customer experience. Patricia and Duncan are partners in the business and have built it up steadily over the last few years, and have been deservedly nominated and won awards for their approach to their dentists’ business.

From the minute I entered I was welcomed in, with a smile no less, checked in and offered a seat. There was some small talk as Patricia, my dentist, was running early. For anyone who knows Patricia, this is somewhat of a miracle, as she has been known to hold a conversation or two.

There is no dentists’ waiting room aroma, it’s a bright, open plan, modern area, the design of which lends itself to reducing anxiety levels. I was then greeted by Patricia and invited into the surgery, where we had a short catch up.

Over the course of the next 25 mins or so, I never felt any anxiety, as each action Patricia performed was preceded by a short explanation of what she was going to do and what this meant to me. Patricia always was aware to check I was comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure.

The whole experience had me sitting in my car afterwards, smiling. This was customer experience at its best, to the point, I felt I wanted to go back and make an appointment for next month!

Patricia, Duncan and the team, you are a benchmark to all businesses, and boy, what a benchmark.

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