Business Development

How can we help you?

The workshops focus on helping people become comfortable with the sales process,
leading them to be more confident when engaging with customers, meaning they listen
more effectively.

The program works with you and your team to define & build a business development
process which aligns with your organisation’s core values.

This means:
• a more productive and cohesive team
• increase in bottom line revenue
• uncover hidden opportunities
• sustainable sales pipeline

Understanding Who Are Your Customers

· How does their business operate
· Who are the decision makers/influencers
· What is your customer mix?
· What are your key industry sectors?

Why Do Your Customers Buy From You?

· Most companies can’t answer this question as they don’t know; they’ve never asked their customers or themselves the question.
· Knowing why your customers buy from you, can help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Feel More Confident When Engaging With Customers

· Creating a sales plan for each customer
· Developing your elevator pitch
· Practicing a sales process which is repeatable

Clients We’ve Worked With

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National Sales Manager, Automotive Industry

“I had the privilege to work with Peter for two years at Wakefield. Peter is a true sales professional and a major reason for driving our sales performance in a new business segment. He is passionate, committed and knowledgeable. He has that rare ability to inspire confidence in customers and colleagues, which translates into deep relationships and ultimately loyalty.”