Managing Teams

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Our workshops are designed to inspire, engage, and help your leaders develop the skills needed to meet whatever leadership challenges lie ahead. 

Leadership is about listening and understanding – A good leader will take time to listen 
to their team, understand each individual and give them space to grow & develop. 
Organisations with aspirations to grow don’t have the necessary leadership skills to 
deliver the growth required. 

The program focuses on helping develop the creative leaders’ organisations need to 
grow and flourish. 

At Vertical Motives we incorporate Emotional Intelligence learning into our program, to 
help attendees start to understand and manage their own emotions, and those of their 

Accountability & Responsibility 

· Does your team(s) know their responsibilities? 
· Who is accountable for specific processes/tasks? 
· Is everyone aware of other’s roles within the business? 

Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i) 

· Can your team leaders manage their emotions? 
· How do your team leaders influence those around them positively? 

Collaboration and Communication 

· Are the team’s common goals defined? 
· Do all team members actively listen? 
· Does working within the team generate creativity? 

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Marketing Manager, Kaplan

“Really useful content within the management course and delivered in an engaging way, without just being talked at. Took onboard our individual problems/queries and applied the training to those. Would definitely recommend Peter!”