Entrepreneurship programme

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The program is designed to allow Entrepreneurs the space and time to nurture a business idea and get it ready for market. Recommended by the Dept for International Trade at The Foreign Office. The aim of the Entrepreneurship Program is to help entrepreneurs make the connection between theory and practice and, importantly, give them practical business skills to bring their idea or project to fruition. 

The program also offers an opportunity to design and develop an ecosystem, connecting entrepreneurs with corporate clients and investors. 

Digital Ideation and Development 

· Understanding your customers 
· Idea validation 
· Digital development methodologies 

Forecasting & Investor Ready 

· How to forecast cash flow, revenues, etc 
· Planning your pitch to an investor/VC 
· Mentoring session (finance) 

Sales Program 

· Who are your customers? 
· Developing a ales strategy, plan and process 
· Defining your routes to market 

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The name “Vertical Motives” comes from the need for organisations to clearly communicate and deliver satisfaction to both staff and customers. “Vertical” refers to the two-way communication between a head office and its staff. “Motives” emphasises the importance of providing authentic and genuine support to both colleagues and customers.