My new role at the University of Aberdeen

Thank you to everyone who has congratulated me on my new role as Executive Fellow with the University of Aberdeen, I’m honored to accept this important, part-time role.

My role initially, will be to work with under-graduates and graduates to deliver sales skills, these skills are an essential part in helping them secure their first job.

My passion is sales and its perception and reputation is unfortunately, not a positive one, but one that is in most cases deserved. I would like to begin to change this and challenge these current views.

I work with the students to understand their personal story and show them, how this is very important when speaking with people for the first time. Their stories are powerful sales tools, which when used effectively, can begin to build engagement with the person you’re speaking with.

In using sales case studies, we explore how a good sales person will plan before meeting with a prospective client. This planning process is transferable into many different areas of business and personal life. We look at communication, negotiation and presentation skills, and begin to understand the why behind these topics, and how, when we link them together, they are powerful skills to have.

I love having the opportunity to support this next generation of leaders, and their impact on me, has been inspiring.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with graduates.

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