Sales Director for Hire?

What do I mean?

In my experience, most organisations find when they reach a certain size, their business growth stalls (pain points), knowing where these pain points are and how to overcome them can help organisations to push past these pain points and keep growing.

“Offering senior sales experience to help grow your business while managing your costs”

As a Part-time Interim Sales Director I offer this support for a fraction of the cost.

Allowing me to come in and work with you benefits your business, offering you the opportunity to do a number of things;

  • A fresh outlook on your whole business
  • Working with all staff to define core values (Why you do what you do)
  • Defining internal skills profiling builds trust, leading to increased staff retention (Who am I)
  • Understanding your customers increases customer retention (Who are they?)
  • Exploring new ways & markets to reach your customer
  • Working with you to develop an Action Plan (Action creates clarity)
  • Analysing the sales funnel to define your sales cycle, leading to more accurate forecasting/budgeting
  • In collaborating with you, I leave behind a legacy of a high performing team with increased knowledge, competence and morale.

With all the uncertainty in the U.K., Europe and globally, now more than ever, is the time to try something different.

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